EBIOTs is a brokerage firm for sales tours, it  supplies landing pages, show pages, and contact forms. Targets: Extreme Travel, Time Share Tours, Vacation Club Presentations, and other promotional incentives. The focus of By Invitation Only Tours is to provide qualified buyers to companies who use incentive gifting rewards, or use rewards as grand prizes, charity fundraisers, employee motivation, and loyalty awards.

Typical cycle:
"Consider you and your family Invited for a Free PlayCation at some of the top destinations in the USA, complements of By Invitation Only Tours. It’s Free, Fun, and Easy. Get Free Hotel Stays, Beach Activities, Restaurant Certificates, Resort Pamper Programs, Attraction Tickets, Cruises, and Vacations..."

Hosting repsonse forms with intigrated payment, two way notification, and data base entry in one step. Target Market and Hot Spot Advertisement.

Commisioned Marketing.

In today's fast-paced world, getting away from it all is no longer a luxury. It's a necessity. That’s why thousands of people like you have joined the Bluegreen Vacation Club to make the most of their valuable vacation time. Visit Resort Property Promotions for the details.

Now you can go, see and do with more than 160,000 families in 190 countries who choose to spend their leisure time at their favorite Bluegreen resorts. These happy group of travelers have seen great sites, taken part in exciting activities and have been treated to first-class amenities. Share in the fun. See why so many people trust Bluegreen Resorts for memorable vacations.

At TradeWinds Island Resorts, the entire Tampa Bay area is your playground. In addition to the miles upon miles of award-winning beaches, water sports and fun-filled theme parks, you’ll find plenty of things you might not expect. Come explore world-class museums, cheer on our professional sports teams, go shopping at a local boutique, or take in the area’s unforgettable nightlife. No matter what your interest, it’s always easy to find something new and exciting. The best vacation of your life just minutes away.


Thompson Cigar was founded in Key West, Florida, in 1915 and is the oldest mail order cigar company in the country. In fact, Thompson still holds Postal Permit #1 for Tampa. Thompson Cigar has always been devoted to delivering a wide selection of products covering all price ranges and tastes. The various Thompson private label cigars reflect our keen desire to provide to you the finest cigars at a fraction of what a comparable national brand would cost.

To help in your cigar buying decision process, our call center is manned by 200 trained professionals ready to provide personalized customer service. Some of our representatives have been with Thompson for over 20 years; their knowledge is unmatched in the industry. If you have a question about a cigar, whether it's one of our own house brands or a national brand, we can help.

I fish better with a lit cigar; some people fish better with talent. --Nick Lyons, Bright Rivers, 1977

Gary Poyssick


​Go where no man has fished before; with a rod and reel that is. Our challenge is to catch the worlds largest fresh water fish on light tackle; Fly, Bass, and Inshore style, and capture the IGFA record.

Off The Grid    From the May 2012 issue of National Geographic Traveler​

"Located on the Yanayacu River, the Amazon Refuge Wildlife Conservation Center tends to draw hard-core birders, scientists, and serious jungle lovers who appreciate its remote location. The refuge’s 100-acre parcel was granted by the local Indians, who help staff the lodge and manage the reserve.

Guests stay in private, solar-powered bungalows built from naturally felled trees with roofs thatched from local palms. Here, check rarities like the wattled curassow and Zimmer’s woodcreeper off your birding list, paddle upriver to a congregation of parrots, visit a local Indian community, and fish for pirarucu—one of the world’s largest freshwater species." ​

ThrowRaft now specializes in manufacturing personal safety life rafts that are maneuverable, reusable/repack-able, weigh three pounds and fit into a backpack with room to spare. The product is manufactured with all approved/recognized components and materials.When an emergency happens on the water, your equipment is as important as your experience level. That is why the team at Throwraft Inc.—based in South Florida—has introduced a new personal life raft that works in conjunction with a life vest or inflatable PFD to help get people moving on top of the water.


‘The Survivor’ represents a new safety product segment in part because of its mobility. At just over two pounds and packed in an attached valise, The Survivor is lightweight and easily accessible. It can be manually activated to inflate or will auto-inflate when submerged—transforming into a highly visible, highly maneuverable inflated platform that moves across water with ease.

NuCanoe, Inc. is based in Bellingham, WA. We take great pride in the quality of our products and build lasting relationships with our customers, dealers, suppliers, and employees. NuCanoe boats are roto-molded in Ashtabula, OH. More than 95% of the parts and accessories that go into our boats are made in the USA.

We hope you get years of enjoyment and better fishing, hunting, paddling, and rowing with your NuCanoe. We love to hear from NuCanoe owners or potential owners, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

NuCanoe started as an idea. Tim Niemier, founder of Ocean Kayak, wanted to put “a billion buts in boats.” This idea led to the NuCanoe’s innovative design that enabled people to do things on the water – fish, hunt, row, dive, crab, paddle, or just relax.

​Superior technology and revolutionary benefits – that’s what we’re dedicated to at Torqeedo. And every one of our products on the market fulfils these requirements. That’s not just our opinion, but that of independent industry experts – which is why a range of prizes and awards already decorate our halls. For the coming season, there are 13 motors from 1 to 15 HP which, by the way, are very quick to plane. All Torqeedo outboards offer record levels of overall efficiency; are equipped with integrated on-board computers including GPS-based range calculation, speed over ground and battery condition; and are waterproof to IP 67.

Torqeedo is, by far, the market leader in the fast growing electric outboard motor industry. As the pioneer in the area of high-tech electromobility on water, we’ve set many new standards with our motors in comparison to all other solutions on the market since we are found in 2005.

The Amazon Refuge Lodge, SA
​The Most Remote Lodge on the Amazon River Peru


The Amazon Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Center near Iquitos Peru, is the most remote lodge on the Yanayacua River and sits on the edge of a 3,000,000 acre sanctuary. Their product was used by birders, students, and other Eco groups. The market for these adventurers is limited, so they sought to broaden the prime market area and RoKeCo stepped in to help. With this amazing and stunning lodge it seemed like the perfect place to use and an incentive travel promotion to large US companies. We set up the marketing plan, made the introductions, and produced their website, presentation, and video formats. Now if you need team building, esteem training, or the coveted Amazon Survival Certificate from the South American Explorers Club; The Amazon Lodge will provide the bragging rights that will turn your fellow employees green with envy over.

ADA Hearing, LLC
A Company Who Supplies ADA Compliance Material


ADA Hearing is one of our favorite clients, their premise was to offer medical facilities a simple way to avoid law suits while servicing their valued clients. Not only did they want to help Deaf and Hard of Hearing citizens, they wanted to make sure it was done in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We took their idea and ran with it. RoKeCo wrote and produced their full Corporate Policy for businesses to use in order to help the hearing impaired and promote good will. We also configured a simple landing page website for doctors, assisted living facilities, and pediatric physicians to contact and preform Video Relay Interpreting onlline, with little cost, and instant results.

Seraph Services, LLC
A Senior and Disabled Citizens Nutrition and Service Company


The wonderful people at Seraph Services wanted to offer nutritious meals to seniors, the disabled, and others that needed a consistent supply of ready to eat meals. These meals had to fit into the strict diabetic formula and be quickly prepared from the freezer. Their objective was to provide this service to those who did not qualify for Meals on Wheels, or other subsidized government entitlements. We did the product sourcing, business plan, and marketing due diligence that enabled them to grow rapidly and eventually sell their conception to a company that took it nation wide. Industry trade shows, local canvassing, and product tasting focus groups were all part of the kick off for one of our favorite enterprises. 

Full Circle SUP, LLC
A Stand Up Paddle Board Company


Full Circle SUP is an aqua sport company who was seeking to fulfill a specific market niche internationally. As a start-up venture they needed everything under the sun. RoKeCo formulated a full package of material for their operation. Website, Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Employee Handbook, Non Compete Contracts, Worldwide Lead Generation, Sales Scripts, Advertising Platforms, Power Point Presentations, Graphic Design, and Much More.


The American Ideals Foundation, Inc
​A Foundation to Foster American Ideals Through the Arts


The American Ideals Foundation sought to begin a nation wide publication to spread the word about Military Wounded Warriors, Children with Disabilities, and to offer housing, education, and services to those in need. RoKeCo assisted them in advertising, fundraising, and formatting the publication. We developed national leads, group advertising platforms, and sales literature. We placed boots on the ground, voices on the phone, and venues to hold fundraising events. Schools, Churches, and Public Entities were put into play.

Grace Alexandria Holdings, LLC
A Chef Crafted Meal Replacement Company


We were contracted to organize, develop, and create a Meal Replacement Franchise that offered a controlled diet to executives based on the hypo glycemic index. The founder of the conception rose from poverty and obesity to dominate the Dot Com industry. His approach was based on the diet he used to become healthy, energetic, and enlightened. All products had to be original, delicious, and fit into a narrow caloric and protein format. We created over 900 original recipes that fit this bill. We also did extensive cost analysis, research, and development of all facets of his program. Our formats and documents enabled this operation to be franchised in the famous 'No Brain-er' fashion; easily reproduced and controlled. Part of our responsibility was to provide architectural conceptions and food production facilities that matched his philosophy.

Nexstore Market Place
The Largest Convenience Store Ever Built

Nexstore was the challenge of a lifetime; we were there from the conception to the opening​. Our team built the database for production, ordering, and control from the ground up. Our executive pastry chef created the most dazzling array of Chef Crafted treats anyone could imagine. Part of the challenge was breaking down the extensive menu and calculating every ingredient to the gram, costing each gram, and placing all of this information in a document format that was revolutionary to the franchise world. We also created the equipment control manual for over a million dollars of state of the art production machinery and display designs. All told, this venture expended over $36,000,000.00 and became the largest gourmet gas station and convenience market in the world.

Ads, Art Murals, and Magazines

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Architectural Conceptions and Plans

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